Job history

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Optimizely Configured Commerce lets you access integration jobs in the Admin Console. You can view whether the job was a success or a failure. You can access the job records by going to Administration All Jobs History. Click View on a job record to view details such as Job Number, Status, Date Started, Date Completed, #/Warnings, #/Errors, Job Logs, and more.

Work with job history

In this scenario, you need to export all products into Excel to analyze your current mix of products on the website. Because of the large number of products, this job can take some time to run. You would like to complete other tasks in the Admin Console while waiting for the job to complete. Configured Commerce runs integration jobs, including imports and exports, in the background and notifies you when the job is complete.

Perform an export

  1. Go to Admin Console > Catalog > Products.
  2. Click Download.
  3. Select Products as the export.
  4. Select All Products.
  5. Select the columns to include in the export. There is no limit to the number of columns that can be selected.
  6. Click Save as Default Selections to save the selected column list for future exports.
  7. Click Export to begin the export.

You can now move on to other tasks within the Admin Console.

Review the export status via Job History

After starting the export, options display for you to View All JobsReturn to Products, or Cancel Export. If you remain on this page while the job finishes, you can click Download File when it is done.



Going to Administration > All Jobs History also shows the status of the job. You can click View to see more details about the completed job.