Create an automated email for failed orders

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Optimizely Configured Commerce offers an automated email for PunchOut administrators to receive if an order request fails. This article provides the required steps to set up the automated email.The steps include changing a setting as well as editing the template.

Update the setting

The PunchOut_FailedOrderRequest setting is a uniquely applied to each website.
  1. Go to Marketing > Communication > Email Templates.
  2. Locate the PunchOut_FailedOrderRequest template and click the Edit button. The email template is automatically created
  3. Go to Admin Console > Administration > System > Settings.
  4. From the Configuring menu, select the desired website.
  5. Select the Order Management finger tab.
  6. In the Failed Order Email field, enter the email address. To add additional recipients, click Add.

Edit the email template

The template is pre-populated with the following information:

  • Subject line: Failed Punchout Order Alert
  • Body: Date/Time Received: <created on date/time>
  • Body: Order ID: <Order ID from cXML>
  • Body: Bill To: <BillTo.Name from cXML>
  • Body: The above document failed to be processed. See the Order Requests history for additional information

The email will be sent to the recipients according to the following conditions:

  • During the processing of the cXML - if a fatal error occurs AND there are any addresses in the Punchout_FailedOrderEmail setting AND the template exists, send out the email using the template.
  • Use the Failed Order Email Setting to identify the recipients who receive email notification for when an order fails when processing through cXML/PunchOut.