Troubleshoot FedEx and UPS rating services

  • Updated

Setting up Carriers does not mean they automatically show up as selectable options on the checkout page. If no carriers appear after set up, or you receive log errors, then try troubleshooting these areas by verifying:

  • Account, API keys and passwords are correct and services are valid. For FedEx and UPS, you have to set up services with their specific codes.
  • At least one carrier and at least one service are enabled.
  • The Use Imperial Units for Rating Service setting in the General section under Administration > System > Settings > Shipping is set correctly. If Yes, Imperial units of measurement will be used (pounds and inches). If No, metric will be used. Default value is Yes.
  • There is a valid address on each warehouse. See Create Warehouses.
  • There are weights on the products. See Add Weights to Products.
  • The carrier is assigned to the website. See Assign Carriers to Websites.
  • There are packages set up on the carrier with reasonable sizes (that is setting up 40x40x40 will generally disqualify all of the services offered like UPS Ground) and there are some reasonable packages with weights. If you only want to rate by weight, set up a single package with a large weight amount so it will rate as a single package. See Create Carrier Package Records.
  • The Ship To address is valid, especially that the Zip Code corresponds to the selected State.
  • The Website needs to have States and a Country assigned

If you are still having issues, turn on the troubleshooting functions to see the requests and replies. For example, set the Save XML setting to Yes in the FedEx section under Administration > System > Settings > Shipping.