Create the FedEx carrier record

  • Updated

FedEx is deprecating their web services on August 30 to implement RESTful APIs. You can still use this service as normal until that day. After August 30, toggle on Use Oauth as described below and enter the Client ID and Client Secret from FedEx.

You can create the UPS carrier record in Optimizely Configured Commerce.

Go to Admin Console > Shipping & Fulfillment > Carriers and click Add New Carrier. Enter data in the fields as described below.

Carrier Information

  • Name – FedEx
  • Description – FedEx
  • Contact Name – Name of the carrier contact
  • Contact Phone – Phone number of the carrier contact
  • Contact Email – Email of the carrier contact
  • Image Path – Image to display (optional)
  • Primary Carrier – Determines if the carrier is the default option.
  • Enabled – Enables or disables the carrier.
  • Tracking URL

Carrier Account Setup

  • Rating Service – FedEx
  • Test URL
  • Live URL
  • Live – Determines whether the live or test URL is used for this carrier. Set to Yes only when using a rating service for live-rated calls.
  • Use OAuth – Determines if OAuth 2.0 authentication is used.

If you lease Use OAuth disabled, complete the following fields:

  • Account Number – UPS account number
  • User Name – Account username for the carrier's website
  • Password – Password for the Access Key
  • Access Key – UPS username (sometimes called User Key). This should be a string of numbers and letters.

If you enable Use OAuth, the above fields are hidden. Complete these fields instead:

  • Account Number  – UPS account number
  • Client Id – UPS client id 
  • Client Secret  – UPS client secret

Click Save when you have finished.

FedEx standard ship codes

The following list is the standard ship codes for setting up carrier rating for FedEx. Enter these codes in the Ship Code field in the Services tab:

  • EUROPE_FIRST_INTERNATIONAL_PRIORITY – FedEx Europe International Priority
  • FEDEX_1_DAY_FREIGHT – FedEx 1-Day Freight
  • FEDEX_2_DAY – FedEx 2-Day
  • FEDEX_2_DAY_AM – FedEx 2Day A.M.
  • FEDEX_2_DAY_FREIGHT – FedEx 2-Day Freight
  • FEDEX_3_DAY_FREIGHT – FedEx 3-Day Freight
  • FEDEX_EXPRESS_SAVER – FedEx Express Saver
  • FEDEX_FIRST_FREIGHT – FedEx First Freight
  • FEDEX_FREIGHT_ECONOMY – FedEx Freight Economy
  • FEDEX_FREIGHT_PRIORITY – FedEx Freight Priority
  • FEDEX_GROUND – FedEx Ground
  • FIRST_OVERNIGHT – FedEx First Overnight
  • GROUND_HOME_DELIVERY – FedEx Ground Home Delivery
  • INTERNATIONAL_ECONOMY – FedEx International Economy
  • INTERNATIONAL_ECONOMY_FREIGHT – FedEx International Economy Freight
  • INTERNATIONAL_FIRST – FedEx International First
  • INTERNATIONAL_PRIORITY – FedEx International Priority
  • INTERNATIONAL_PRIORITY_FREIGHT – FedEx International Priority Freight
  • PRIORIY_OVERNIGHT – FedEx Priority Overnight
  • STANDARD_OVERNIGHT – FedEx Standard Overnight
  • SMART_POST – FedEx SmartPost