Get started with shipping and carriers

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Optimizely Configured Commerce lets you set up and configure a shipping program that provides a variety of delivery options and charges to shoppers on your website. Your shipping program can include only one carrier or multiple carriers, depending on the delivery options you want to offer on your websites.

To add a carrier to your shipping program, first create a record for the carrier and then create sub-records for each of the services associated with that carrier.

The carrier record contains the basic details (contact information, account numbers, Rating Service and other information) that apply to all the carrier's services. You can apply optional rules and additional charges (such as a fuel surcharge) for all deliveries associated with the carrier at this level if it make sense to do so.

A carrier service record contains the characteristics of the service (such as ground, next day, second day), pricing adjustments if needed, and optional rules and additional charges (such as a fuel surcharge) that you can apply to a specific service rather than all services for a carrier.

In documentation, the Admin Console, and the storefront, Optimizely uses the following nomenclature:

  • Carrier – the actual shipping provider, that is UPS, FedEx, USPS, and so on.
  • Service – the type of service, that is ground, next day, air, and so on.
  • Shipping Method – the combination of the service and type, that is UPS Ground, FedEx Priority Overnight, and so on.