Go-live PIM checklist

  • Updated

Before launching the Optimizely Product Information Management (PIM) integration, you should check each product's settings and jobs. Use these steps as a starting point for your go-live countdown. This list is not comprehensive; you may require additional setup or specific timing for a successful rollout.

  1. Ensure the PIM-related settings are set up as desired.
  2. Run the Refresh Approved Products job in production to get the current data set from the sandbox to production. Ensure the lookback days parameter is set to run far enough back in time to get all data. Alternatively, you may choose to do a site copy or export data from your sandbox environment into your production environment.
  3. Ensure the Publish Approved Products job is not running in the sandbox environment.
  4. Configure the Publish Approved Products job to run in the production environment.
  5. Update the Active Publishing Environment setting in the PIM from sandbox to production.
  6. Test to verify that the jobs are running properly and the data looks good in production.
  7. Set up the Refresh Approved Products job in the sandbox environment if the customer wants the data to sync with production.

When these steps and customer-specific tasks are completed, the PIM and your site will publish and sync data in the appropriate environments at the specified interval. You should continue monitoring the PIM integration jobs regularly in the future.