Create a category manually

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Categories manage and collect products into logical groups. Categories can be grouped into subcategories, allowing for a robust taxonomy flexible enough for multiple business needs. It is important to note that products can be assigned to multiple Categories across multiple websites.

Create a category

  1. Go to Admin Console > Catalog > Categories.
  2. Click Add Category.
  3. Populate the following fields with the appropriate information: Name, Category Title, URL Segment, and Activate On.

    Select Parent Category to make the new category a child of the parent.

  4. Add a URL Segment. Use this required field to add a shorter, more user-friendly URL, instead of using the category name or category title.

  5. Click Save.

    Once the Category is saved, the other finger tabs will become accessible.

Assign products

Once the category is created, assign the necessary products. Assigned products appear under the category headings on the website. Use the following steps to assign products to the newly created category. Remember, products can be assigned to multiple categories across multiple sites.

  1. Go to Admin Console > Catalog > Categories.
  2. Select the desired Category.
  3. Go to Products finger tab.
  4. Click Assign Products, or choose to use Dynamic Rules.
  5. Select one or multiple products to add to the category.
  6. Click Assign, then click Done to save.

Products also may be assigned to categories from within the product record. To assign a product to a category from the product record, go to Catalog > Products > Edit a product record, and select the Categories finger tab. Select Assign Categories.