Display a featured image on a category page

  • Updated

Categories do not automatically contain featured images, but you can configure them for categories.

Featured images appear on child and stand-alone categories only; they do not appear on parent categories. Recommended size for a category image is 160x160. Images can be any ratio and the storefront will scale them responsively for different screen sizes.

Below are the steps to display a featured image on a category page.

  1. Go to Admin Console > Catalog > Categories.
  2. Find the desired category in the Category list.
  3. Click Edit on the desired category.
  4. Click the Content finger tab.
  5. In the Content Details section, click Browse located to the right of the Small Image field to upload the desired image. If the desired image is not available in the Image Library, click Upload and upload the image.
  6. Once the desired image is located, double-click it. The URL of the image should populate the Small Image Path field.
  7. Click Save.

The category page displays the featured image after you reindex.