Approve or publish revisions

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This article provides the necessary steps to approve or publish a revision within the Content Library.

Approve/publish a revision

Users with Content Approver or Content Admin privileges must approve and publish content revisions in order for them to be displayed on the web site. Content may be approved directly within any of the Content Management sections or within the Content Library area.

The Admin Console always allows for scheduled publishing of content, allowing a Content Approver to approve content at one time and have it scheduled to publish at a future date/time. This enables content to be queued up for sales, promotions or other scenarios.

Use the Only Show Content Waiting to be Published toggle to show revisions waiting to be published.

  1. Go to Admin Console > Library > Content.
  2. Click Edit for the revision that needs approval.
  3. Click the revision version to be published and click Publish. The Publish Content dialog appears.
  4. Enter the date/time for when the content should begin displaying on the site.
  5. Click the Publish.