Introduction to CRM integration guide

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This section provides an introduction to working with Optimizely Campaign, and integrations with CRM systems. You can integrate email service providers with campaign management, and CRM and business and customer intelligence systems.

Optimizely Campaign provides email sending, printed products and SMS, as well as synchronized advertising consents and recipient lists.

  • Campaign management. With its closed-loop interface, Optimizely Campaign automatically captures transfer of recipient data and return of response data, for example opt-out and bounces, for flexible management of recipient data from the CRM system. You can enrich mailing openings, clicks, bounces, and unsubscriptions, so these events become available as leads or contacts in CRM.
  • Opt-in management. You can exchange double opt-in information between Optimizely Campaign and a third-party system. Advertising consents can refer to many types of media, for example print, email, and SMS.
  • Synchronize recipient data. Optimizely Campaign’s entire range of features is available with the synchronization of recipient lists. Marketing Automation or Smart Campaigns are independent of a CRM system, and can return bounces and unsubscriptions.