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This topic is for administrators and developers with administration access rights in Magento 2.

This topic describes how to manage integrated-related issues when using Magento 2 as e-commerce platform with Optimizely Campaign, how to get help with problems during installation and configuration, and how to activate error logging, and known issues.

Installation issues

If problems occur during the installation and configuration of Magento 2 integration, contact customer support and provide the following information:

  • The version number of the Magento 2 system you are using.
  • The output of the command phpinfo().
  • A description of when and in what context the error occurred.

Conflicts may occur with other expansion modules for Magento 2. If you cannot determine, limit, or resolve the conflicts, provide Optimizely with a list of the modules you use.

Activating error logging

Error logging displays operating status of the integration and any errors that occurred.

  1. Log in to Magento 2 with administrator rights.
  2. Select Stores > Configuration.

    Image: Select Configuration

  3. Select EpiserverEpiserver Campaign.

    Image: Select Episerver> Episerver Campaign

  4. In the General settings area, in the Debug Mode drop-down list, select Yes.

    Image: Debug mode

  5. Click Save Config.

The Magento 2 integration saves errors in the var/log/optivo_broadmail.debug.log file. If you cannot fix a problem yourself, send the lines that were recorded after the error occurred to customer support.

Entries in the error log have the following structure:

[2017-06-30 10:25:03] optivoLogger.DEBUG: processFallbackQueue:start [] []
[2017-06-30 10:25:03] optivoLogger.DEBUG: processFallbackQueue:maxRetries 10 [] []
[2017-06-30 10:25:03] optivoLogger.DEBUG: processFallbackQueue:process 1 entries [] []
[2017-06-30 10:25:03] optivoLogger.DEBUG: _checkResponse [] []
[2017-06-30 10:25:03] optivoLogger.DEBUG: a:7:{s:8:"response";s:207:"HTTP/1.0 404 Not Found

Known issues

The following errors in Magento 2 can affect the Optimizely Campaign integration:

Problem Possible cause Solution
Version 2.1.0. In the back end (under Customer Information in the tab Newsletter), you cannot unsubscribe customers by clearing the Subscribed to Newsletter check box. Documented Magento 2 error. Unsubscribe customers via Marketing > Newsletter Subscribers by deleting the corresponding customer from the list.
Versions 2.0.7 and 2.1.0.
  • At checkout, the customer cannot specify a new default address or change their address.
  • If customers have not stored an address in their customer account, they can create a new address at the checkout. This is, however, committed as a shipping address and not as a billing address – despite the existing option to use the same address for billing and shipping.

Both errors affect the correct transfer of address information of the customer into transactional mails.

Currently unknown. No solution currently available.
All versions. Magento displays the message You have registered for the newsletter on the confirmation page only after a delay. Error in the Magento 2 system, not an error in the Magento 2 integration from Optimizely Campaign. No solution currently available.