Introduction to optimizing newsletters for mobile devices

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The Optimizely Template Kit is optionally available with Mobile Fusion, which applies the Template Kit's flexibility to the mobile version of your newsletters. This section helps you design mobile newsletters and integrate them into the mobile version of your mailings.

Image: Mobile versions of a mailing


  • If you have not installed Mobile Fusion or are not currently using the Template Kit, contact customer support to get Mobile Fusion with the Template kit.
  • Template Kit describes paragraphs, setup and configuration of the Template Kit, including mobile options.
  • Mobile Fusion describes design options for the mobile layout of newsletters.

What does the Template Kit with Mobile Fusion offer?

  • Enable or disable mobile version. If you enable the mobile version, Optimizely Campaign automatically generates a version of your mailing optimized for mobile devices; this increases the size of each emailing. See General settings.
  • Place the sidebar above/below the main body. In each paragraph, you can indicate whether to display the sidebar (if present) before or after the main body. See Grouping paragraphs.
  • Hide/display paragraphs in the mobile version. You can indicate, by paragraph, whether to integrate that paragraph into the mobile version. You can also indicate if a paragraph should appear in the mobile version only. See Content paragraphs.
  • Set paragraph width in the mobile version. You can set the width of each paragraph (in %) for mobile display. See Content paragraphs.
  • Set the width of paragraph separation in the mobile version. You can set the width of the paragraph separators (in %) in the general settings for the template. See General settings.