Tips and examples

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Desktop version

The desktop version of this newsletter is the basis for the mobile version. If the mobile version is activated, paragraphs are copied into the mobile version by default.

Image: Desktop version of a mailing

Mobile version 1

This mobile version is created from the desktop version with minor adjustments.

Image: Mobile version with minor adjustments

Mobile version 2

In this adjusted mobile version, a table of contents is displayed. The two small paragraphs after the editorial were positioned next to each other, both with a width of 50%.

Image: Mobile version with images' width of 50%

Mobile version with errors

This mobile version contains common errors. You should check the mobile view of your newsletter and, if possible, test it using mobile devices to avoid such mistakes.

The width of this paragraph is set to 50%. But the width of the following paragraph was unchanged. So, the first paragraph only occupies half of the available width and creates a gap. For both paragraphs to be adjacent, adjust the width of the following paragraph so that both add up to 100%.

Image: Mobile version with errors