Manage Optimizely Triggered Messages campaigns

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Go to Triggers in your Recommendations Portal account and select the Campaigns tab.

This page lets you do the following:

  • Edit – Click Edit edit icon or a Triggered Messages campaign name to open the configuration page for that campaign so you can edit it.
  • Status – Click Activate it play icon to switch on a campaign or Pause it pause icon to switch off a campaign. The initial state of a created Triggered Messages is paused.
  • Delete – Click Delete delete icon to delete a campaign. A confirmation box displays.

Prioritize trigger campaigns

On the Campaigns page, you can sort your Triggered Messages campaigns in the order you want them to be fired. Campaigns at the top of the table have the highest priority and those at the bottom the lowest.

Trigger prioritization occurs whenever two or more trigger criteria are met simultaneously. The following rules apply:

  • The trigger that is to fire first is prioritized.
  • If campaigns are to fire at the same time, the campaign that is higher up in the table is prioritized.

The priority order is especially important if you restrict the number of times a trigger can fire for any one customer (by defining a global contact frequency).

After a campaign’s trigger fires, only the trigger from a trigger campaign higher up in the table can fire that day (if it does not exceed the Global contact frequency). So, in the table of trigger campaigns in the Recommendations Portal, if one of the triggers fires, any trigger below it in the list is prevented from firing that day (resets at 00:00 UK time).

Daily triggers are analyzed once a day, and the same daily trigger can fire more than once. For in-session triggers, only one in-session trigger is allowed per session. See also Trigger action limits for how frequency limits interact.

To re-order the priority of your trigger campaigns, click the button Optimizely image to the left of a campaign’s name in the Priority column and drag the campaign to the desired position in the table.


Example of trigger priorities

Within one session, a visitor fulfilled the criteria of five campaigns in the picture below.

The Abandoned basket campaign (position 2) fires first. Although it shares the shortest Time to wait with Optimizely Mobile Push Trigger (position 3), it has a higher position in the table and, therefore a higher priority. Abandoned Browse is on top of the table, but with a waiting time of 45 minutes, it is a lower priority.


After the Abandoned basket trigger fired, another In-session trigger cannot be fired, because only one in-session trigger is allowed per session.

When the visitor starts a session, only Abandoned browsed product (position 1) qualifies to fire, as now only triggers with a higher position in the table than Abandoned basket are considered.

If the visitor starts a third session, no further in-session trigger can be fired, because the trigger with the highest position in the table has already been fired and the daily Global contact frequency in this example is limited to 2.

If at the set time of a daily trigger an in-session trigger is to fire, the trigger with the higher position in the table wins.