What is the Configured Commerce Mobile App?

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Mobilize your business, enable your team, and engage your customers where they are with a native mobile app experience.

The people of manufacturing and distribution need access to information in a user-friendly, efficient manner. Whether it be scanning a barcode to view product details, checking on the status of a delivery or ordering a part at a job site, Optimizely Configured Commerce Mobile App puts the power of commerce in the hands of your users at their moment of relevance.

Brand Association

Build customer and team loyalty and drive adoption by putting your brand first.

  • Brand Awareness - Your logo, colors and images in the hands of your team and customers on the device they use most.
  • Build Brand Loyalty & User Adoption - Be front and center in your customers' minds with your app icon on their home screen, always ready to engage.
  • Better User Experience - Optimized user experience for greater efficiency and productivity on their mobile device.

Data Personalization

Give people the right data, at the right time, wherever work may take them.

  • Product Catalog - Deliver a user-specific rich product catalog and data experience, optimized for their device.
  • Relevant Data - Cut through the noise with user-specific data, pricing and product recommendations.
  • Streamline Efficiency - Access current order status, and quickly reorder the items you need from wherever you are.

Device Utilization

Connect people to business and make them more productive on the device they use the most.

  • Better Performance - No more launching browsers and searching for results; leverage the full power of your device, with quick access to information at your fingertips.
  • Device Features - Use your device features for tasks such as barcode scanning, speech-to-text, and finding a local branch.
  • Enhanced Security - Usernames and passwords are a thing of the past. Instead, log in quickly and securely using your device's fingerprint reader.

Ready to Use

The Configured Commerce Mobile App uses Configured Commerce solutions, allowing customers to search a product catalog, check order status, add items to a cart, and place an order. Optimizely controls the development, customization, and management of the app.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Because the Configured Commerce Mobile App is ready to use, you can avoid the high costs of mobile development while providing your users with a stable and consistent experience. Optimizely eliminates the expensive design, development, and upgrade costs commonly associated with other mobile solutions.