Edit predefined content

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Predefined Content describes content pages that already exist in the Content Management System (CMS), which may already contain populated widgets. Generally, these pages are created during implementation, but they may be modified at any time. Common predefined content pages include About Us, Order Upload, and Contact Us.

To modify predefined content pages. log in to the Admin Console and access the CMS. Then, complete the following:

  1. Click Edit.
  2. Select the Content Tree .
  3. Select the chevron to the left of the Home header to expose the available content.
  4. There are two ways to edit the page widgets or page layout. Click the page title to add/or edit page widgets and layout. Or, click the chevron to the right of the predefined content to display a new list of options.
  5. Click Edit Page to edit the existing page details, such as Title and Metadata.

    WYSIWYG editor

  6. To edit or modify the widgets on the page, follow the steps in adding and editing widgets.
  7. Select one or more of the check boxes listed to change how the page shows or is accessed by users:
    • Hide Header. Remove the header from showing on this page.
    • Hide Footer. Remove the footer from showing on this page.
    • Hide From Search Engines. Exclude this page from showing in search results in search engines like Google.
    • Hide From Site Search. Exclude this page from showing in search results on this site's search.
    • Exclude from Navigation. Exclude this page from showing in the site's navigation bar.
    • Exclude From Sign In Required. Exclude this page from the Website Access setting if set to one of the Sign In Required options.
  8. Add any custom CSS or JavaScript as needed.
  9. Once editing is complete, click Publish to push the revisions to the live site.