Create an integration connection

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You can create integration connections in the Admin Console to connect to external data sources, such as your Windows Integration Service (WIS) or an ODBC connection to your ERP.

Create an integration connection

    1. Go to Administration > Jobs > Connections in the Admin Console.
    2. Click Add Integration Connection.
    3. Enter the name for the new connection.

      This name must exactly match the name that was entered in the connections string. See Configuring the WIS for more details.

    4. Choose the type of connection from the Type drop-down list.
    5. Enter the rest of the data as required for the specified connection.

      If using a Tab delimited flat file connection, enter TAB for the Delimiter.

    6. Click Save.
    7. Restart your site.

Review the Creating and Editing Integration Jobs article for more details on working with integration jobs.