Run an integration job manually

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Many Integration Jobs are set up to run automatically during specific times, intervals or points within a workflow. However, there are other jobs that may need to be run infrequently or in an on-demand type scenario. The focus of this article is to run a Job manually and the steps to do so are shown below:

  1. Go to Admin Console > Administration > Jobs > Job Definitions.
  2. Click the Edit for the desired Job.
  3. In the Secondary Header, click More Options and click Schedule Job.
  4. In the Schedule Job window, select the following:
    • Choose the Schedule Start Date/Time.
    • Indicate whether or not the Job will run as a Real Time Job.
    • And depending on the job complexity, select the desired Values for the Job Parameters.

      Only Jobs that contain Parameters will display the Job Parameters.

  5. Click Schedule Job .