Create a contract item list

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Contract Items is a list of predetermined products that can be added to an order as a set. There are two steps to this process: the first is to ensure that multiple wishlists are enabled, and the second is to create the actual product set.

  1. Go to Admin Console > Websites.
  2. Click Edit for the website that will contain Contract Items.
  3. Click the Settings finger tab.
  4. Locate the AllowMultipleWishLists Website Setting and ensure that the value is set to "True".
  5. Go to Customers.
  6. Locate the Customer who you would like to add a Contract Item list to and click Edit.
  7. Click the Product Sets finger tab.
  8. Click the Add Customer Product Set button to create a new Product Set.
  9. Click into the Name field and name the product and click Save.
  10. Click the Products finger tab.
  11. Click Assign Products to add products to the product set.
  12. Select the Products to add to the set and click Assign.
  13. Click Done.

The selected products are now part of the product set