Schedule email reminders for list reordering

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You can enable list reminders to allow your customers to set email reminders to reorder list items. Customers can set up reminders on a recurring basis or at regular intervals when adding products to a list or from a specific list anytime. Customers may only schedule and manage email reminders for themselves.

You need to turn on the Enable List Reminders setting in the Admin Console for your customers to see this option on their lists.

  1. Go to Admin Console > Administration > System > Settings.
  2. Search for Enable List Reminders or select Site Configurations > Lists > Enable List Reminders.
  3. Toggle the Enable List Reminders setting to Yes.


  4. Click Save.

Your customers can access the Schedule Email Reminder window from any list page under My Account > My Lists.

  1. Click a list name on your My Lists page.
  2. Click Schedule Email Reminder.

  3. Select Weekly or Monthly from the Repeats drop-down list.
  4. Enter a value in the Every field for the weekly or monthly recurrence.
  5. Select a day on which you want to receive the reminder email from the Day of the week/month drop-down list.
  6. Change the Start Date, if needed.
  7. Select No end date or select an On date in the End Date section.
  8. Enter any notes about the reminder in the Message/Notes field.


  9. Click Schedule.

You can also follow the same process when adding items to a list.

  1. On any product, click Add to List.
  2. Select the checkbox for Schedule email reminders to reorder these items.
  3. Click Add to List.
  4. Follow the steps above to set up a reminder.

To learn more about the email template used for the email reminder, see the Create and Edit Email Templates article.

Customers who no longer want to receive email reminders for a list can stop their reminders in the Schedule Email Reminder window, which is accessible from any list page under My Account > My Lists.

  1. Click a list name on your My Lists page.
  2. Click Update Email Reminder.
  3. Click Stop Reminder in the Schedule Email Reminder window.


  4. Click Yes when the verification message appears to cancel email reminder.

For more information on list management, visit the List Management article.