Enable one-time ship to address

  • Updated

Use one-time ship-to functionality on your Optimizely Configured Commerce website to give customers the ability to specify one-time shipping addresses without this resulting in new ship-to records in your ERP or other system of record during checkout. The review, pay and order confirmation pages and order confirmation email display the one-time ship-to address.

The system writes the one-time ship-to address to the Customer table, which facilitates application of any location-based restriction groups. This functionality automatically filters out any records with IsDropShip = true, though, so one-time ship-to addresses do not show on the Customers tab in the Admin Console. These records are cleared out during nightly maintenance.

Customers who enter a one-time ship-to address can only access it on an order as long as they stay signed in. If customers leave an order and attempt to access it on a different device or have to sign-in again, the one-time address is no longer available.

If customers select Ship to One-Time Address, the shipping address fields become editable and settings for ship-to creation and editing do not apply. Default address information appears collapsed, and expands if customers want to edit an address or enter a one-time shipping address.

Use the Admin Console to enable this functionality within the settings under Account Management > Website User Permissions.

  1. Go to Administration > System > Settings and search for Allow One-Time Addresses.
  2. Set Allow One-Time Addresses to YES. If Yes, an address may be entered on the address page that is only used for the current order. Default value is No.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Verify the Ship to One-Time Address option appears under the drop-down menu on the Shipping page when customers check out.