Restart IIS with these settings

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The following list identifies all Settings that require an IIS restart for the setting change to take effect. The Settings are organized by their Primary Group > Sub Group.

Integration > inRiver Integration

  • Enable inRiver Integration

Integration > General

  • Computers Allowed for Integration

SystemSettings > Performance

  • Cache Etags
  • Number of Minutes to Retain Client Etags
  • Number of Minutes to Retain Server Etags
  • Enable Swagger Cache Warmer
  • Cache Category Menu
  • Category Menu Cache Refresh Minutes

SystemSettings > Security

  • CORS Origin
  • Expose IdentityServer Discovery Endpoints

SiteConfigurations: SSO

  • Allow Sign in with Facebook Account
  • Facebook App ID
  • Facebook App Secret
  • Allow Sign in With Google Account
  • Google Client ID
  • Google Client Secret
  • OpenID Connect
  • Allow Sign in with Windows Account
  • Use Windows Sign In on Storefront
  • Storefront Caption
  • Storefront Application ID URI
  • Storefront Windows Metadata URL
  • Use Windows Sign In on Admin Console
  • Admin Console Caption
  • Admin Console Application ID URI
  • Admin Console Windows Metadata URL

SystemSettings: General

  • Additional Media Manager Extensions

SystemSettings: Troubleshooting

  • Log Debug Messages

Administration > Permissions

  • Access Token Lifetime
  • Identity Token Lifetime
  • Absolute Refresh Token Lifetime
  • Sliding Refresh Token Lifetime