Introduction to SAP CRM integration

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Available only in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Available only for the English user interface of SAP CRM.

This topic is for administrators and developers with administration access rights in SAP-CRM.

The SAP CRM integration lets you transfer B2B and B2C contacts, as well as bounces and unsubscribes to Optimizely Campaign, to keep marketing permissions up to date.

The integration is designed to work with the standard version of SAP CRM. To set up the integration, you need to make adjustments to your SAP CRM system. Contact Optimizely customer support for assistance with cut-over planning and implementation adjustments.

System requirements

Your SAP system should have the following components and minimum versions:

Component Release Service Pack
BBPCRM 713 0002
SAP_BASIS 740 0005
SAP_ABA 740 0005

The following is also required for the integration to work properly:

  • Performing campaigns with file export. Your SAP CRM setup must allow customized campaigns with file export. Because the SAP CRM integration uses as many standard features as possible, it runs under the same framework. Ensure no errors occur within the framework, and test the performance of campaigns with file export before implementing the integration.
  • Required user rights. A user responsible for administrative tasks must be assigned to a role that corresponds to marketing professional in SAP standard to create relevant entities, marketing attributes, data sources, attribute lists, segment models, target groups, and campaigns.

SAP Notes

The following SAP adjustments are needed before you can execute the integration:

SAP Note


2020488 CSV file incorrect for a BP with multiple contact people
2030623 CRM_IC_ADD_DATA_BADI does not receive account information

Marketing permissions

The marketing permissions of your SAP contacts must be valid, and maintained in accordance with legal requirements. The integration does not include validity checking and marketing permissions maintenance services. Furthermore, wildcard permissions cannot be used.

Setting up the integration

The installation requires SAP CRM experience (typically SAP basis administrator) and access to the file system and application server. Contact your SAP system administrator for installation assistance.

Optimizely provides this documentation set supporting the installation process: Cut-over Guide, Administrator Guide, Functional Design Document, and Technical Design Document.