Submit and approve an order

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The following workflow diagram illustrates the typical process followed for submitting and approving an order:

Order Workflow

Submit an order for approval

The shopping experience for a user who needs approval is the same as every other user until the Review and Pay page. Users submitting an order for approval see a Submit for Approval button rather than Submit Order.

Submit for approval

Once the user submits the order, the approved order details display on a page similar to the Order Confirmation page.

Order confirmation

Approve an order

The assigned Approver can use the email notification they receive to approve the order. They can click View Order or Approve Order in the email notification. See create and edit email templates and HTML variables for more information.

Order Approvers can also log into the website to review and approve orders via My Account > Order Approval. The can select an order from the table by clicking the link in the Order # column.

The Order Approver can view the items in their cart and review the order, including add items, delete items, or change item units of measure. Once the Order Approver has finished reviewing the order with any necessary changes, they can go through the normal check out process. The Order Approver is the ultimate "purchaser" of the approved order.

Order approval checkout