Retrieving indexed data for specific content ID

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In some cases you may want to check what has been indexed for a specific content item such as a page or block. This can be helpful to verify if an issue is related to indexing or search code. 

  1. Get the ID of the content from the CMS. 

  2. Get the defaultIndexName and serviceUrl values from the web.config or the app service configuration screen if a DxP Integration environment. If permissions are lacking create a new support request to obtain this info. 

    Note: In DxP the defaultIndexName and serviceUrl settings in the web.config do not matter, it is only the values from the Azure configuration that are used. 

  3. In a browser enter the below using the info from the last steps. 

    https://<service url>/<index name>/_search?q=ContentLink.ID$$number:<ContentId>&fields=SearchText$$string

    Note the field is set to SearchText$$string in this example but you can replace with another field or remove that query parameter. Also additional fields can be added with a comma like this.