[NOTICE] - Reminder for the January Sync Release for Non-Containerized Sites

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The January Sync Release is currently targeted for availability on 01/20/22. Once this release is available, Optimizely will audit every non-containerized Sandbox site to ensure they're running a version of Configured Commerce that is within at least three versions of the January Release (i.e., all Sandbox non-containerized sites must be on version or later). As Optimizely continues to release new features, security updates and critical platform and architecture changes, we will conduct these periodic site reviews to ensure your site is staying relatively current to our latest releases so you can take full advantage of our Configured Commerce functionality and product integrations.

Optimizely will conduct a preliminary audit to identify at-risk sites that are behind version At that time, if we identify your non-containerized Sandbox site as at-risk, Optimizely will open a ticket on your behalf and notify you accordingly. Optimizely recommends that you carefully review your Sandbox site with your Partner to make appropriate upgrade plans prior to, or at the time of, the January 2022 Release. If you're not on a version of Configured Commerce at or above by the January Release, then Optimizely will automatically update any non-containerized Sandbox site to the January Release (targeted to be version 5.0.21) three weeks following the release on 02/10/22.

For additional information regarding Optimizely Releases, and Sync Releases in particular, please review the following article: https://support.optimizely.com/hc/en-us/articles/4503538145933 


What are the expectations for containerized environments?

  • As Optimizely has begun hosting new sites in containerized environments, base code deployments have been changing. One of these changes is that Partners currently control the base Configured Commerce version applied to a containerized environment via the project’s versionInfo.yml file.
  • With the upcoming Sync Upgrades, Partners working on projects running in containerized environments are responsible for maintaining their version control and keeping their projects up to date. As Optimizely does not have write privileges to specific partner/customer repos, Partners with these projects must keep their versionInfo.yml file up to date during Sync Releases.
  • Please ensure that you have updated your project’s versionInfo.yml file to at least version in Sandbox by no later than February 10, 2022. Doing so will trigger an automated deploy which will update your project to that base code release. If you are unable to have an upgrade plan in place by this date, please immediately reach out to your Partner contact at Optimizely to define an upgrade plan and timeline.
    NOTE: Optimizely will be looking for a more automated way to enforce all sandbox upgrades in the future, and we will provide more information once available.
  • As Partners manage our Customers’ sites, it is important that you keep your projects up to date by applying Optimizely’s Configured Commerce monthly releases to ensure they are getting new features, critical bug and security fixes, and vital product-related integration updates. Thanks for your continued partnership and support!

How do I tell whether my project is running in containers?

  • All Spire-based sites are inherently running in our containerized environments.
  • For Classic-based sites, if you are maintaining a versionInfo.yml file, then you are running in containers.
  • For Classic-based sites not running in our containerized environment, there is no action needed, and the normal Sync Release processes will take effect. Non-containerized sites not on version or more recent will proceed to be upgraded by Optimizely on February 10, 2022 to the January, 2022 Release.