[NOTICE] - Discontinuing Internet Explorer 11 Support

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Microsoft announced they will be retiring Internet Explorer (IE) 11 on June 15, 2022***. This is following their previous announcements of only release security updates to IE 11* and no longer supporting IE 11 on the majority of their own tools (e.g. Microsoft 365, Teams, etc.)**. With these announcements, we made the decision to no longer support IE 11 with our Configured Commerce Storefront.

Note: IE 11 support was already discontinued for our CMS tool.

For our Angular-based sites (i.e. Classic), we do not expect an immediate change in current site behavior with IE11. The biggest impact is that Epi will not test the application with IE11 and will not resolve IE 11-based bugs. It is up to the Partner/Developer to resolve any issues that may occur.

For our React-based sites (i.e. Spire), the impact to end users is more substantial for IE 11 users. For any users who try to access a React-based (i.e. Spire) site using IE 11, a configurable message will immediately appear to users, encouraging them to download a supported browser (i.e. newest version of Edge, Chrome, Safari or Firefox). Beyond this notice, the site may not render properly. While not guaranteed, Partners/Developers may be able to add custom code to improve the site rendering in IE 11, but it may not be an optimal nor performant experience. As with Angular-based sites, we will not test the application with IE 11 and will not resolve IE 11-based bugs.