Overview of Content Indexing

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A walkthrough of basic indexing of content. 



If you go to Find –> Index you’ll see a summary of the index. You’re also able to explore the index to browse its contents. You’ll notice that the search index is empty at this point:


EPiServer Find indexes content when:

  1. Content changes
  2. The scheduled job executes

EPiServer Find includes a scheduled job, accessible through admin mode:


If you run it manually you will eventually see that EPiServer Find has indexed your site:


f we return to Find –> Index we’ll see that our index has now been populated:



Note: By default, all public page-type properties will be indexed.  You may exclude specific properties from indexing by either adding an [JsonIgnore] attribute or by modifying the behavior of the indexing client:

// This property will not be indexed by EPiServer Find [JsonIgnore] public string MyProperty { get; set; }