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Upgrading to Optimizely Feature Experimentation from Optimizely Full Stack eligibility check

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Optimizely is excited to deliver the benefits of a newly redesigned application and API experience for Full Stack.

Our new Feature Experimentation experience has been the default experience for new Projects and Free Rollouts accounts since its launch in February 2021. 

Feature Experimentation offers a simplified workflow, model, and API for experimenting with and delivering new experiences to your end users. It also provides a significantly more performant editing and management experience when working with feature flags at scale. Review our developer documentation on Key concepts and differences in Feature Experimentation for more information. 

We are excited to offer a migration path for your existing Optimizely Full Stack legacy projects throughout 2022-2023. Before migrating a legacy Full Stack project to Feature Experimentation, we scan your project to check for edge cases that make it ineligible for migration. 

Ineligible for migration

The following articles will review the eligibility check and list steps to take if your project is ineligible to migrate.

Eligible for migration, with some loss in some features

The Warnings when upgrading to Optimizely Feature Experimentation article covers additional considerations you should evaluate before migrating. Using the following features does not make your project ineligible for migration, but you will lose some feature capabilities:

  • Legacy Full Stack Experimentation project contains a Feature Test with an "off" variation
  • The legacy Full Stack Experimentation REST API
  • Jira Integration (until built)

You should also review how existing experiment results are migrated before moving to Optimizely Feature Experimentation.


If you have any questions, contact your Customer Support Manager or contact support.