Marketplace overview

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The Marketplace provides access to content, articles, or images. Licensed content is a great way to improve the time spent publishing and finding relevant content that resonates with your audience.

In this article, you will learn how to open and use the Marketplace.

Click Marketplace on the left side.

The following numbered image and corresponding list show how to use Marketplace.


  1. Keyword search – Enter a search term to find articles that contain those terms. Use quotation marks to show articles with that exact phrase. Without quotation marks, results show articles with each of those words, but in no particular order. Use the Articles and Images search filter to refine your search.
  2. Load a saved search – Click the tray icon and select a saved search that comes with Optimizely Content Marketing Platform (CMP), designed to return content relevant to your business needs.
  3. Save a search – Save your masterpiece combination of keywords and filters so you can run it again.
  4. Reset all filters – Return the search to its blank state, showing available content from most recent to least recent.
  5. Collapse All filters – Close the accordion filters
  6. Publish Date – Filter content in a date range.
  7. Sources – Filter results for a specific source or leave them unchecked to show all.
  8. Categories – Filter by category.
  9. Languages – Filter by language.
  10. Images – Filter by whether an article contains an image.
  11. Article Length – Filter by how long an article is.
  12. Relevance and Date Published – To see the most recent, sort by date. To see weighted content, sort by relevance.
  13. Favorite – To make an article a favorite, click the heart, and it displays in your Favorites section.