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The Marketplace lets you search and select images from various reputable image providers (such as Adobe, Getty, and more) that you can use to supplement article content, social shares, and more.

Filter images

You can filter images in the Content Marketing Platform (CMP) to refine search results and find more relevant images.

Select the Images filter next to the search bar.

  • You can filter by Sources, Orientation, and Dimension.
  • Click Relevance to see weighted content, sort by relevance.
  • Click Date Published to see the most recent images.
  • Click Reset All to return the filters to their default values.
  • Click Collapse All to close the filter accordions.


Sub-filters can change depending on the provider you have selected. For example, if Getty is selected, you can further filter the results by orientation, people, and image style, as shown below.

Orientation People Image Style
find-images-1.png find-images-2.png find-images-3.png

For other sources, such as Adobe, Unsplash, and Shutterstock, the sub-filters are different, which you can see below.

Adobe Twenty20
find-images-4.png find-images-5.png

Save favorite images

You can save the images you like and may want to use or review later by clicking the heart icon to place it among your favorites. You can also remove the favorite status of an image.


Click Favorites in the Marketplace to see your favorites. Teammates with access to the CMP can see which pieces of content you are among your favorites.

Search tips

  • Be specific – The more specific your search, the better your results. For example:
    • "Dessert" and "Filter"
    • "New York City" and "Blurred" or "Out of Focus" or "Abstract"
    • Events: eg. "Cocktail" and "Christmas"
  • Be detailed –Being detailed will give you more relevant results. For example, instead of searching for "casserole," search for "green bean casserole." See more examples below:
    • Instead of "fish," search for "salmon" or "haddock."
    • Instead of "soup," search for "chowder" or "clam chowder."
    • Instead of "pie," search for "apple pie" or "lattice apple pie."
  • Add keywords –  Add more keywords, and make use of "and" and "or".
    • Using "and" results in broad (and usually better) results. For example, rather than "red light" use "red" and "light", because a caption could say "the light is red" rather than "red light."
    • Using "or" produces more results, which can mean picking through many items to find what you want. For example, "Concert" or "festival"
  • Create moods using colors – For example, "Concert" and "red".
  • Think of search terms in British English too – For example, "Holiday" may result in vacation photos.
  • Save your searches – The best search results can come from using "and" in your query, which results in broad (and usually better) findings. If you find a search combination that works particularly well, click Save Search to use the search in the future!