Explore competitive domains

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The most effective SEO strategies consider domains that compete against you for organic search traffic. You can search and explore domains within Idea Lab. Conduct research on your site and the ones of your competitors for insights that enable you to own targeted keywords and win the battle for organic traffic.

Search for a domain

To search for a domain, go to Idea Lab, select the country, and enter a domain. A report displays keywords by search volume, CPC (cost per click), and opportunity.

  • Click a keyword in Explore Related Topics to explore it further.
  • Hover over a keyword to open the option menu (...) to research the keyword or explore licensed content.
  • Click Save to Notepad to save the keywords for later research.


See the Metrics glossary for a better understanding of the metrics that can help you make informed decisions.

Evaluate your competition

Share of Voice displays websites that compete with your website for organic search engine traffic. You can analyze which websites have the most common keywords with your domain.

Click Show Domain List to view a list of domains that appeared in the top 20 of Google’s organic search results for the keywords, and the traffic that was driven to the websites from search results for the keywords in the past 12 months. Optimizely Content Marketing Platform (CMP) displays previously set competitor domains in bold. You can click the websites in the list to initiate a domain search.


Click a competitor on the Share of Voice view to display the top organic keywords, top social articles, and website competition for that competitor.




View commonly asked questions

This section displays the 50 most popular questions that contain your keywords. CMP groups questions according to type. Use this knowledge to develop content with your brand’s unique perspective that answers questions your audience is asking and to position your brand as a trusted resource.

  • You can filter by clicking on the filters in circles.
  • Click a question to go to the Google search page for that question and view the current answers.
  • You can also save the question in your CMP Notepad.



This section shows the top captions for the domain.


Explore blog ideas

This section shows the top blog ideas for the domain.


See what works on social channels

See what Works on Social displays articles belonging to the searched domain that has worked best on various social channels. Understanding an article’s content format and purpose can help inform how you create and distribute your content through social channels. You can see the number of shares the articles received and click the title to view the article.


Save research with CMP Notepad

Ideation is not a linear process, so the Content Marketing Platform (CMP) provides a Notepad to save ideas (a keyword, a phrase, or research from Idea Lab) from anywhere in the CMP. The contents of the Notepad are visible only to you.

The Notepad in the sidebar includes a quick link to Idea Lab and a mini text editor to capture your ideas, jot down a quick note, research the saved keywords again, or delete it from your Notepad.

You can save Idea Lab research in your CMP Notepad in the following ways.

  • At the left of each keyword, click Add to Notepad to add a keyword to the Notepad.


  • Click the Notepad icon in the header to open Notepad.


In Notepad, select the keywords you want to include in your pitch request, event, campaign, or task. Then click Start to open a drop-down menu and select the action you want, which takes you to the specific page associated with creating a pitch request, event, campaign, or task to complete the creation process.


You can hover on a note title to expose a context menu (...) and select Research in Idea Lab or Delete Note.


Export competitive data

Use the Download As menu to export competitive data to a spreadsheet or PDF file.

  • Select Excel (.xls) to download a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.


  • Select PDF to download the data to a PDF file. (MacOS says Open PDF in Preview.)