Which type of files can be uploaded into B2B Commerce

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Which type of file extensions can be uploaded into B2B Commerce?  Additional, can files with extensions not listed in the Out of the Box list be uploaded?


Out of the Box files with the extensions below can be uploaded into Media Library:

Accepted file types

The Media Library supports multiple file extensions which are categorized below:

General files

.7z .aiff .asf .avi .doc .fla .gz
.gzip .mid .mov .mp3 .mp4 .mpeg .mpg
.ods .odt .pdf .ppt .pxd .ram .rar
.rm .rmi .rmvb .rtf .sdc .sitd .sxc
.sxw .tar .tgz .tif .tiff .txt .vsd
.wav .wmv .xls .xml .zip    

Image files

.bmp .gif .png
.jpeg .jpg  

Flash files

.swf .flv


To upload a file with an extension missing from above requires a change to the Additional Media Manager Extenstions list.  This parameter is found within the Admin Console under Administration > System > Settings "Additional Media Manager Extensions".

Add additional file extensions using the Additional Media Manager Extensions setting. Any extensions added should NOT be preceded with a period. You need to restart the site before the Additional Media Manager Extensions get updated.