eSync automatically restarts after restarting Ektron Windows Service

  • Updated

If sync is automatically restarting after restarting the Ektron Windows Service, see below to prevent that.

  1. Stop the Ektron Windows Service on the syncing servers and any connected load balanced servers. 
  2. Select the Top 1000 rows from the scheduler table of the sending and receiving databases. 
  3. Look at the scheduledesc tab. 
  4. If any of them still show as running when they should be completed, update them as follows.
    UPDATE Scheduler
    SET scheduledesc = 'completed'
    WHERE scheduledesc = 'running'
    Note: Make a database backup before making changes.
  5. If you are using load balancing, also execute the steps in this KB
  6. Start the Ektron Windows Service and reevaluate.