Batch Write Failure Error: Replica with the specified key was not found

  • Updated

Esync may experience batch write failures when syncing databases. If that occurs you will see an error similar to the following.

Sync (Regular Profile) Errored Out, Error: Ektron.DbSync.Core.RemoteDatabaseSyncException: Database Sync has failed on the remote EWS due to error 'Microsoft.Synchronization.Data.DbSyncException: An unexpected error occurred when applying batch file C:\Program Files (x86)\Ektron\EktronWindowsService40\Database\WebSync_a34ae339f8c1414dbaf1cb0d6525c765\60fe7388-db77-4617-b0d5-5e62a64c3792.batch. See the inner exception for more details. ---> Microsoft.Synchronization.ReplicaNotFoundException: Replica with the specified key was not found.


If you run into this issue, please email or call support.