Assets not syncing over, eSync knowledge files, WSRM: Identifier error

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Assets, private assets, uploaded files, uploaded images, or templates are out of sync, not syncing to/from servers, or load balancing correctly.

If assets, private assets, uploaded files, uploaded images, or templates are not syncing properly, have .1 duplicates, or are not Ektron load balancing (i.e., replicating), the knowledge files may be out of sync. The best way to fix knowledge files is to rename them (or delete them after making a back up) on both servers in the sync relationship, then sync again. In the case of load balancing, remove the knowledge files on each load balanced server.

Knowledge files are in the sync folder on the drive to which you installed the website. For example, if you installed the website on D:\, knowledge files are in the D:\sync folder.

There is a structure that determines the location of the knowledge files within the sync folder. The files will be or knowledge.metadata file. In Ektron 8.02 SP4 or higher, the file names also contain a GUID. If you do not see the knowledge files, turn on the all hidden files and folders option. 

  1. Stop the Ektron Windows Service on both sides of the sync.
  2. Navigate to the sync folder on your local server of the sync. Example: In a stage to production sync, go to the Stage server > the drive on which the site is installed > the sync folder (for example, D:\sync). In some cases you may have two sync folders if the assetlibrary is on a different drive than the Ektron site.
  3. Click the remote server's folder name; this is the server you are syncing to. In keeping with the stage to production sync and being on the stage server, the folder path looks similar to D:sync\production.
  4. There will be two folders: asset library and the beginning of your website path:
    • D:\sync\production\assetlibrary or D:\sync\production\inetpub.
  5. The list below shows knowledge file locations for all file types:
    • Asset library knowledge: D:\sync\production\assetlibrary\website.
    • Asset knowledge files: D:\sync\production\inetpub\website\assets.
    • Private asset knowledge: D:\sync\production\inetpub\website\PrivateAssets.
    • Uploaded files knowledge files: D:\sync\production\inetpub\website\UploadedFiles.
    • Uploaded images knowledge files: D:\sync\production\inetpub\website\UploadedImages.
    • Template knowledge files: D:\sync\production\inetpub\website. (Under the list of folders)
  6. Rename the files in the folder structure desired (or back them up to a Desktop folder and delete them).
  7. Restart the EktronWindowService4.0 service.

    When clearing knowledge files for a sync issue, clear them on both sides of the sync relationship. In keeping with the stage to production sync, apply the same steps on the production server, except the folder path would be D:sync\stage.