Interstitial page with recommendations

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An interstitial page will change the shopping journey for the user by adding in an entirely personalized page to the checkout journey. The page can be shown either after the product page before the basket page, or after the basket page before the checkout pages.

The page will usually consist of 2 to 5 recommendations widgets, which can have a variety of different titles and strategies to give the user a breadth of products based on the information we know about them.

Example widget titles:

  • Customers also bought
  • Complete the look
  • Handpicked for you
  • Perfect additions
  • Goes well with
  • Popular this week
  • Best sellers
  • Trending products
  • Essential items
  • Special offers

For a smoother user experience, each recommendation should have an Add to bag/Buy option so it can be added directly to the basket (size selectors and color selectors can be added to each product to allow this).

The user should have the options to continue to the Checkout / Basket or continue shopping. 

These options can vary from site to site and depend solely on the implementation of the page.

If you would like to see how the interstitial page can work for you, please get in touch with your Customer Success Manager.


Superdrug interstitial page