PLA widget (Google Product Listing Add widget)

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The PLA widget is not a permanent fixture on the site but instead, a custom widget which only appears if a user has come to the page by clicking on a Google product listing add.

The widget was created to solve the high bounce rate issues many companies experience when a user comes to the site through a PLA. 

Through this journey a user is usually shown a singular product or a product with an alternatives/cross-sells widget containing a few other products. (If the widget is above the fold).

This new PLA widget can be added to a page to display only when a user comes to the page from a PLA click, offering the user a selection (Generally 5 - 8) other alternative products. This results in the user continuing the shopping journey through the site, as opposed to clicking back to Google. Thus reducing PLA bounce rate, increasing sales and the overall effectiveness of the Google product listing adds strategy. 

Click here to view the Hawes and Curtis case study

If you would like to see how the PLA Widget can work for you, please get in touch with your Customer Success Manager.

Hawes & Curtis PLA widget