Why is data missing from the reports interface?

  • Updated

If no data appears in the Personalization Portal reporting or data is missing from a report (e.g. the last 3 days) this can be because:

  • The incorrect currency is selected in the report view
  • There are tracking issues on your site - you can review any recent code changes around the time that data stopped being collected to see if anything could have affected the tracking of pages, in particular the basket, checkout and order pages
  • The report updates are running behind and the data has not been loaded in the interface yet - during times of particularly high traffic levels (e.g. Cyber Monday), reports may be affected by a slight time delay. This is due to the large volume of data being imported into the Personalization Portal interface. Should you still experience any data issues or discrepancies after 3 working days, please contact developersupport@episerver.com including as much information as possible. During these times the recommendations on sight will still function as usual and the reports will catch up later.

Please email developersupport@episerver.com should you require more information around a specific issue.