Load Balancing Never Completes or Hangs

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You go to run a forced load balancer (Settings>Configuration>Load Balancing) between your load balanced servers and it never completes or appears to be “hanging”. 

We’ve also seen this happen when, after a sync from a server to a load balanced environment, LB doesn't place content in both locations, and/or seeing timeout errors in the logs.

The first thing to do if you're running into a situation like this would be to stop and start the Ektron Windows Service for all load balanced servers.

After that, go to the "ektsyncstatus" folder under your site root folder and open it. Next, delete the contents within it, but not the folder itself. Do this for all of your load balanced servers and then stop and start the service again for all of the load balanced servers.

Once that is complete, re-evaluate to see if the situation is still happening.