Using the Ektron Windows Service when RAM is below recommendation

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This article shows how to alleviate the problem of using the Ektron Windows Service when RAM is below recommendation.

If you are using a server or laptop with less than the recommended amount of RAM, and the Ektron Windows service is using a large percentage of memory, follow these steps to alleviate the problem.

Note: This problem would typically occur only in a test or development environment.

1. Stop the Ektron Windows service.

2. Edit C:\Program Files(x86)\Ektron\EktronWindowsService40\Ektron.ASM.EktronServices40.exe.config.

3. Within that file, set the gcServer property to false:   false" /> .

4. Delete .cache files within the C:\Program Files (x86)\Ektron\EktronWindowsService40\cache folder. Other files in that folder are critical and should not be deleted.

5. Restart the Ektron Windows Service.

This change might slow down eSync, but it uses less memory.