Load Balancing times out reaching load balancing peers

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This article explains how to resolve errors relating to load balancing timing out or being unavailable. Sometimes, when you get such an error, you can load balance shortly afterwards.

To resolve this problem, increase the time that the load balancer waits to see if the server is available to load balance. To do this:

  1. Go to the C:\Program Files (x86)\Ektron\EktronWindowsService40 folder.
  2. Open the Ektron.ASM.EktronServices40.exe.config file
  3. Change the time (value) of this key.    
    <add key="LBServerConnectTimeoutSecs" value="5" /> 
    Set the key's value to less than or equal to this key's value: 
    <add key=" lbserverstopcommandtimeoutsecs" value="10" />
  4. Restart the Ektron Windows Service (4.0).  
  5. Complete these steps on all load balancing machines.