Error syncing custom tables: "Table '' specified in the current sync scope does NOT exist"

  • Updated

Syncing custom tables requires that sync tables are set up properly. In some cases, the sync data needs to be reset to allow that.

  1. Remove the custom table option from the sync profile, then do a sync to confirm that the error goes away. 
  2. Remove the custom table from the Manage Custom Table Configuration settings (found on the sync profile page).
  3. Remove the custom table's tracking table on the destination side of the sync. 
  4. Delete and recreate the custom table on the destination side. You can recreate the table by right clicking on it, choose table script as, select create to, and select new query editor window
  5. Delete the contents of the custom table's tracking table on the sending side of the sync.
    Truncate table TableName.
  6. Re-add the custom table to the allowed Manage Custom Table Configuration in the sync settings. 
  7. Select the Custom tables option in the sync profile.
  8. Attempt to sync again.