EWS Error: Could not find a part of the path

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If you are seeing sync stuck at 0% during an initial sync to a min database and the Ektron Windows Service logs show the error, "Could not find part of the path", there may be an issue due to an incorrect drive path or a permission issue.

Sync requires that the same drive of the syncing site be on the remote server.
There is a updatexml method that is looking at the opposing server on the same drive letter as the local server when it creates the sync folder. So if your site on stage exists on the e:\ drive, it will try to create the sync folder on the e:\ drive of the failover server. 

Drive Issue
1) Identify the file system drive of the site being synced. 
2) Check to see if the drive exists on the remote server. 
3) If it does not exist, create the same drive letter on the remote server.