Template Sync Information

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This article discusses what is and is not moved during a template sync.

During a template sync, the following file types are moved:

  • .aspx and .aspx.cs
  • .js
  • .css

Also, the App_Code folder is synchronized.

Regardless of how you complete the Include/ExcludeFiles field, the following siteroot folders are not  synchronized:

  • App_GlobalResources 
  • App_WebReferences 
  • Workarea 
  • assetlibrary 
  • assets, privateassets, uploadedfiles, uploadedimages (individual checkboxes under Files

Also, the following file type is not synchronized:

  • .config

IMPORTANT: If you run a template sync and Bin is checked, and one server is running is 32-bit mode while the other is running in 64-bit mode, users cannot drag and drop DMS files on the staging server.

NOTE: If you perform an initial sync of a recently-installed min site with your staging site, the min site's templates could overwrite templates on your staging site. This is because, when 2 templates have the same name, the most recently-modified one overwrites the other.
To avoid this, rename the only template installed with the min site (login.aspx) before performing the initial template sync. You should also rename login.aspx's supporting files, such as login.aspx.vb.