How to prevent eSync from breaking after updating the connection string password

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After updating your web.config's connection string password, eSync no longer functions properly.

The most common error received is: 


"Error reading/validating eSync license key" 


You may also see 


"CMS version do not match (local version:,remote version:XXX)"  where the local version is empty, and the remote version is corrrect.

The Scheduler table's TriggerAction column contains the old connection string password. ServerInfo85.xml may also contain the older password within the tag.

Within your sending database, navigate to the Scheduler table and open it in edit mode. Find the row that corresponds to the profile that your trying to run, along with its parent relationship. Update both rows' TriggerAction column with the proper local and remote connection string information.


Next, open ServerInfo85.xml found in the default location of "C:\Sync". Within this file are nodes corresponding to your sync relationships. Modify the tag with the proper connection string information. Save the file.


Once done, be sure to restart the Ektron Windows Service before running your next sync.