How to disable languages that were created accidentally or are not needed

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IMPORTANT : This procedure works on languages that are not already associated with content.

Creating languages that are duplicates of pre-existing languages can cause a variety of issues within the Workarea and can confuse users.


Adding languages lets you create related dialects or languages not already in the language list. Duplicate languages create issues in the Workarea.

To disable a language:

  1. Go to Workarea > Settings > Localization > Languages and Regions .
  2. Ensure there is no check mark in front of the language you want to disable.
  3. If there is not, click Enable and uncheck the language(s) you want to disable. This prevents content authors from adding content to those languages.
  4. Click Save .

The language remains in the database, and you can leave it there, even if there was no content associated with the language and you have disabled the language.