Translating the application strings

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The ResGen.exe utility (included with Microsoft Visual Studio 2003 and 2005) creates resource files, which are used by .NET in a .NET application for localization. You also can change the native string text values.

You can also translate the files with a free program called Lutz Roeder's .net Resourcer

Files needed:

  • ResGen.exe is typically located at C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\SDK\v2.0\Bin>ResGen.exe.
  • The base resources files for CMS are located at C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\CMS400Demo\Workarea\resources .
    (This location maybe different depending on your install location or the site you are using.)


  1. Copy ResGen.exe into the resources directory in the Workarea folder in your site.
  2. From a command line prompt change directory to the resources directory and run:
    resgen.exe EkResource.en-us.resources LangStrings.txt
  3. Translate the strings in the LangStrings.txt. Only translate the string to the right of the equal (=) sign. You can send the file to a translation service or translate the strings yourself. 
  4. Search and replace backslash (\) with double backslash (\\). (You have to escape it or you may get Javascript errors.) 
  5. From a command line prompt, run:
    resgen.exe LangStrings.txt EkResource.ko-KR.resources
    (...or whatever your culture is. The example here is Korean. This will create the new file. A list of cultures is below.) 
  6. Add a directory for this language in the images directory. It is easiest to create a copy of the English, change the name, and then convert your images if desired. The directory must exist under workarea/images .

You are now ready to use your new language. Enable the language in the Workarea under Language Settings.


My new resources file seems not to be used

Getting the culture correct is very important. If the culture is wrong, the default English file is used. Use the culture list below to verify that you are actually using the correct culture for the specified language.


Lutz Roeder's .net Resourcer

Language list

Culture List