Unexpected eSync Status Messages

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When clicking Create Synchronization Relationship, run an eSync profile, or check an eSync profile's status, one of the messages shown below may unexpectedly appear. The error popup contains no further information and the other messages do not appear to be errors. Further checking may shows that the status information is available but not being display, and there are, in fact, no currently running synchonizations already in progress.

Message text reads as below:
No status information is available for the selected profile.
A synchronization is already in progress, click ok to view the status of that synchronization. 

eSync Status Messages

While there may be other reasons for each of the three messages, one cause in common for all three is found in the Internet Explorer security settings. Bring up Internet options then select the Security tab. Select the Local intranet zone then click the Sites button. Add the website URL to the zone.