Load Balancing: The Static File Handler

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Occasionally, due to server loading and priorities, a file being propagated by Ektron Load Balancing may not reach all target servers before a request for the file is received. In this case, you may encounter a 404 page. The Static File Handler addresses this situation.

When you enable Static File Handling, a server that receives a request for a non-existent file will query other load-balanced servers for the file, then send it to the client. The assumption is that because the file was synced from a staging environment to production, the file does exist on at least one server.

The Static File Handler is controlled by the following key in the site web.config :

<add key="ek_DisableAssetLoadBalancePassThrough"  value="true"  /> 


Change the key value to false to enable the Static File Handler.

NOTE : If the key is not present, the version does not support the feature.